Banks – Monday to Thursday – 8am to 2pm and on Fridays – 8am to 4pm.

Government offices – Monday to Friday – 8am to 4pm.

Post Office – Monday to Friday – 8am to 4pm.

Useful Information - Grenada

  • Location +

    Grenada is a tri-island state located most southerly of the Windward Islands in the Caribbean. It lies between Trinidad and Tobago to the south, St. Vincent and the Grenadines to the north and Barbados to the east. It is positioned 12 degrees latitude and 61 degrees longitude. The sister island, Carriacou, lies 23 miles north-east of Grenada and Petite Martinique is located 3 miles off Carriacou.   Read More
  • Electricity +

    Electricity is 220 volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. Appliances rated at 110 volts normally work reasonably with a transformer. Most Holiday Homes provide standard three-prong plugs and dual voltage shaver units.  Read More
  • Transportation +

    Public Transportation (minibuses) as well as Taxi Services can be made available. Fares are not metered, but fixed for each destination. You can confirm the cost and currency (US$ or EC$) before the trip is made.   Read More
  • Water +

    Tap water is safe to drink but if preferred, bottled spring water is also available. Read More
  • Religion +

    Numerous Christian denominations are represented – Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Anglican, Baptist, Methodist, Seventh Day Adventist, Jehovah’s Witness, and Pentecostal. Islam and Bahai denominations are also represented.  Read More
  • Driving +

    Driving is on the left side of the road usually in right hand drive vehicles. To drive in Grenada, you must get a local temporary driving licence. You must present a valid driving licence. Concierge will be able to help with this Read More
  • Tipping +

    Most places will implement an additional 10% service charge which does not entirely go toward the waiter. Additional tips are at your discretion and would be highly appreciated.   Read More
  • Medical Facilities +

    The General Hospital is located at St. George’s, a smaller hospital in St. Andrew and another in Carriacou.  In addition, a small private hospital is located at St. Pauls, St. George, about a 10 to 15 minute drive from the town of St. George’s. Doctors and private clinics are also available and house calls can be arranged.     Read More
  • Currency & Credit Card +

    The official currency used is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar at an exchange rate of US$1.00 to EC$2.67. US dollars are widely accepted –stores, restaurants, taxis – however change will be given in EC dollars. In addition to US, other currencies can be converted at the banks, where rates are better and much more affordable.  Major credit cards and traveller’s cheques are also accepted at most establishments. ATM machines are available throughout the island – distribute EC Dollars.   Read More
  • Business Hours +

    Banks – Monday to Thursday – 8am to 2pm and on Fridays – 8am to 4pm. Government offices – Monday to Friday – 8am to 4pm. Post Office – Monday to Friday – 8am to 4pm. Read More
  • Telecommunication +

    The international dialling code for Grenada is (473). To call North America and other Caribbean islands, dial ‘1’ before the country code and number. Calls to the UK and the rest of the world, dial ‘011’ before the country code and number. The local telephone directory gives a complete list of dialling codes for worldwide destinations.  Prepaid calling cards are available for overseas calls. Most Holiday Home rooms provide international direct dialling with costs on a per minute basis plus a 10% government tax and accommodation surcharge. Holiday Homes also provide fax and internet service. Roaming services are provided by LIME and Digicel.   Read More
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