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Every year, specifically in the month of August, The streets of Grenada become stained with oil, powder and paint, Feathers, glitter and beads.
Smiles, laughs and cheers fill the air, igniting the greatest cultural experience on the island of Grenada which is known as Spicemas.

The word SpiceMas is made up the words Spice (Related to Grenada being the spice isle of the Caribbean) and Mas (derived from the word masquerade which relates to costumes, music and gaieties towards carnival)

Numerous visitors and Grenadian diaspora fly in to the island to enjoy and partake in the festivities that usually lasts just about a week of major events, peaking on the days of Carnival Monday and Tuesday.


Spicemas’ 2015 MAIN festivities began with PreeDay on Wednesday August 5th 2015, which was an explosion of talent and excitement in celebration of one of our cultural Ambassadors Wilt “Tallpree” Cambridge.

Thursday August 6th, 2015 was National Queen Show, where we saw a new National Queen crowned, Nyanka Samuel Robinson from the parish of St. Patrick.

On Friday August 7th 2015 was Soca Monarch and Groovy Monarch Finals, Fantastic Friday saw a crown retained by Fimber “Short Pree” Andrew and we also saw a new Soca Monarch Crowned who came from the same Parish as the new crowned queen, St. Patrick. Jalon “Boyzie” Olive who had a powerful Showing of his song Battalions.

Saturday and Sunday presented displays of Panorama and Dimanche Gras respectively, where the winners were Republic Bank Angel Harps winning panorama and Edson Mitchell – The Ajamu wining Dimanche Gras.


As soon as Dimanche Gras is over and the air is still, the island slowly begins to come alive again, men, women and children all fill the streets with tattered clothes, drenched in "Ol' Oil" and others in paint, as the festivities of J’ouvert begin, these festivities go throughout the early morning and end just before mid-day.

Just after Mid-day there is a change of contrast from the darkness of J’ouvert to the colors, feathers, beads and elation of pageant (Pretty Mas)

Monday and Tuesday had displays of beautifully designed and crafted costumes and wonderful displays of the mas bands, with the winners being;

- Band of the Year - Andre Garvey & Associates

- Pageant - Commancheros & Associates

- Parade of the bands - Andre Garvey & Associates

- King of the bands - RKD & Associates

- Queen of the bands - Commancheros & Associates

- Monday night mas – Carib


All in all Spicemas 2015 was as exciting as the costumes were beautiful, the music and events left locals and foreigners both wanting more.


Great Year and we’re looking forward to a bigger better Spicemas 2016.